Laboratory Instruments
• Anarobic System
• Autoclave
• Automatic Tissue Processor
• Autopsy Table
• B.O. D Incubator
• B.P. App.
• Bench Top Cooler
• Block Cabinet
• Blood Cell Counter
• Bone & Meat Cutting Machine
• Centrifuge
• Chromatography Chamber
• Colony Counter
• Colorimeter
• Conductivity Meter
• Conical Percolator
• Cryostat Microtome Automatic
• Cryostat Table Top
• Deep Freezer
• De-humidifire
• Digital Power Supply
• Elecrophoresis System
• Flame Photometer
• Ford Cup
• Freeze Dryer
• Friability Test App.
• Fume Hood
• Hot Plate
• Incubator
• Industrial Drying Oven
• Kaleidoscope
• Karl Fischer Titrimeter
• Knife Sharpner
• Kymograph
• Laboratory Oven
• Laboratory Stirrer
• Laminar Air Flow
• Leak Test App.
• Linear Expansion App.
• Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate
• Melting Point App.
• Micro centrifuge Machine
• Micro Slide Cabinet
• Micropipette
• Microtome
• Muffle Furnace
• Orbital Shaker Incubator
• Organ Bath
• Oven
• Overhead Projector
• Paraffin Dispenser
• PCR Workstation
• Ph Meter
• Hand Refrectometer
• Power Supply
• Rotary Shaker
• Serological Water Bath
• Sieve Shaker
• Slide Cabinet
• Slide Projector
• Sonicator
• Spectrophotometer
• Stalignometer
• Sterlizer
• Syringe Meter
• Tablet Hardness Tester
• Tablet Making Machine
• Test Sieve
• Thermal Cycler
• Tissue Flotation Bath
• Universal water bath
• UV Cabinet
• Vaccum Oven
• VDRL Shaker
• Viscocity App.
• Vortex Shaker
• Water Bath
• Water Still Manesty Type
• X- Block
• Hot Air Stabilizer

Analytical Balances
Analytical Balances
Description :
Excellent stability and response are exclusively for the user's benefits.
B.O.D Incubator

B.O.D Incubator Description : B.O.D. incubators has been designed especially for biological Oxygen demand determination & other applications like general incubators, Serum studies & Enzyme assays test.
Bacteriological Incubator
Bacteriological Incubator (Memmert Type) Description
Bacteriological Incubators are sturdy double walled units.
Remi Cooling Incubators
Remi Cooling Incubators Description
The popular models of refrigerated contrifuges are now available with upgraded technology.
Cooling Incubators
Cooling Incubators Description :
Cooling Incubators find applications in pharmaceutical,bio technology and research institutions for storage and incubation studies.
Digital Colony Counter
Digital Colony Counter LT-39
Description :
Digital Colony Counter is designed for quick and accurate counting of bacterial and m colonies in petri dishes..
Digital D.O Meter LT-18
Digital D.O Meter LT-18 Description :
Digital D.O Meter LT-18 is very important parameter of water quality and is an index of physical and biological processes going on in water.
Digital Haemoglobin Meter
Digital Haemoglobin Meter LT-113
Description :
Digital Automatic heamoglobin meter is designed for quick and accurate detection of Blood Hb.
Digital Turbidity Meters LT
Digital Turbidity Meters LT
Description :
Ideal and highly accurate instruments for testing of drinking water and sewage disposal water.
Digital Friability Test Apparatus LT-70/71
Digital Friability Test Apparatus LT-70/71 Description :
An accurate,reliable & stable instrument for measuring abrasion strength of tablets.
Environmental Test Chamber
Environmental Test Chamber
Description :
Creating ideal conditions for Industrial component / product research and Bio technical specification test. Most accurate and reliable chamber for long term high temperature and RH testing.
Labomed Cameras
Labomed Cameras Description :
Fast research grade cameras with high resolution.
Revolutionany Micro Centrifuges
Revolutionany Micro Centrifuges
Description :
R-23 & R 24 centrifuges are widely used in auxiliary laboratories in industry.
Remi Centrifuges
Remi Centrifuges Description :
R4C Compact model for routine work in medical.
Centrifuge Small
Centrifuge Small Description :
Deals in Centrifuge Small from Pune, Maharashtra
Mini Centrifuge RM-02 Description :
Mini Centrifuge RM-02 is ideal for applications in PCR ,Cell Separation and Biotechnology work and in clinical labs
AC Stirrers
Description :
These Stirrers are specially designed brushless AC variable speed stirrers driven by frequency inverter to ensure reproducible speed with any load.

Direct Drive Stirrers Description :
Designed to meet requirements of laboratories demanding wide flaxibility of stirring operations,these stirrers are available in various models.choise od model will be dependant on the batch size/volume to be stirred.
Geared Stirrers
Description :
The geared Stirrers are specially designed for a broad spectrum of applications requiring low speed & high torque for stirring of viscous fluids & materials.
Lab Stirrers & Homogenisers REMI Description :
These Stirrers are specially designed brushless AC variable speed stirrers driven by frequency inverter to ensure reproducible speed with any load.
Magnetic Stirrer Remi Description :
The 'MLH'series magnetic stirrers with hot plate are similar to the ML series of magnetic stirrers but have additional stainless steel hot plate.
Stereo Microscopes Description :
The CSM2 is a basic2-step stereo microscopedesigned for rugged environment.